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TUTORIAL - MIXED: ROSEHIP from Polymer Clay and Crepe Paper.

Maces (rosa canina)
din pasta de modelaj si hartie creponata

This project,
TUTORIAL - MIXED: ROSEHIP from Polymer Clay and Crepe Paper,
will be entered in the following challanges:

Specificatii tehnice lucrare

Crengutele cu macese au aproximativ 15 - 20 cm lungime.

Materiale necesare:
- pasta de modelaj de culoare verde si rosie
- lac pentru pasta de modelaj
- sarma
- aracet
- oja de unghii de culoare neagra si verde
- lac de unghii transparent
- mini carlige de culoare verde si rosie
- pamblici de culoare verde si rosie
- hartie cartonata de culoare alba
- hartie creponata de culoare verde
- margele de culoare neagra si verde

Unelte necesare: 
-perforator normal
-rigla metalica
-unelte specifice pentru modelaj pentru pasta de modelaj

Technical Specification

The wigs with rosepih are around (15 - 20) cm in length.

 The following materials are required:
- green and red polymer clay with cold drying 
- varnish for polymer clay 
- wires
- glue 
- green and black nail polish 
- transparent nail polish 
- green and red mini hooks 
- green and red ribbons 
- white paperboard 
- green crepe paper 
- green and black beads

The following tools are required: 
- a normal puncher 
- scissors
- a cutter
- a metal ruler
- specific tools for polymer clay

Etapele lucrarii:
 Din pasta de modelaj de culoare verde si rosie se modeleaza fructele de macese.
Se strapung apoi macesele cu o bucata de sarma, groasa de 0.5mm si lunga de aproximativ 15-20 cm.
 La capatul superior al macesei se lipeste o margica.
 Se lasa apoi la uscat cateva ore dupa care se dau cu lac specific pentru pasta de modelaj sau cu lac transparent de unghii.
 Capatul sarmei, daca se vede dupa ce am lipit margica, se da cu putina oja de unghii de culoarea margelei.

The Work Steps:
 From green and red polymer clays we create the shape for the rosehip fruits.
 We then pierce them with a piece of wire, which will be the stem, of 0.5mm in thickness and about 15-20 cm in length.
 At the upper part of the rosehip we stick a bead.
 We let them dry for a few hours. 
 We coat them with varnish for polymer clay .
 The upper part of the stem, if it remains visible after we stick the bead, will be varnished with nail polish, in the same color as the bead.
 Se infasoara apoi sarma cu hartie creponata de culoare verde si la capat se lipeste cu putin aracet. 

  We then wrap each stem with green crepe paper and at the lower part of the wire we stick it with glue.
 O frunza de macese se realizeaza din doua bucati dreptunghiulare de hartie creponata verde lipite pe ambele parti ale unei codite.
 Dupa lipire, se dau dreptunghiurile de hartie cu oja transparenta pentru a putea fi taiate, dupa uscare, la forma de frunza.

  For one leaf we cut the four squares of crepe paper, at around (2 x 2) cm each, two on each side of the wire, which we stick together with glue and then we cut them in a leaf shape.
 We coat them with transparent nail polish, so that they become rigid.
 Se asambleaza impreuna, pentru o crenguta, cate cinci frunze pe o sarma mai lunga.

 Then we put together, for one twig, five leaves on a longer wire.
 Pentru realizarea unei crengute cu macese sunt necesare:
- cinci macese cu codita
- o frunza asamblata care se leaga impreuna cu hartie creponata de culoare verde, lipita la capat cu aracet.
Toata crenguta se da apoi cu lac de unghii transparent.

For one twig with rosehip these are required: 
- five rosehip with stem
- one twig
who it will be wraped with green crepe paper and stuck at the lower end with glue.
We coat all the whole twig with transparent nail polish, so that it become rigid.
 La o crenguta cu macese se poate atasa, cu ajutorul unor pamblici de culoare rosie si verde, un cartonas pentru a scrie pe el cateva randuri.
Crenguta se poate atasa unui cadou cu ajutorul unui mini carlig asortat si el la culorile crengutei cu macese.

 On the twig with rosehip we can attach a paperboard, of around (4 x 3) cm, bent in the middle, using a piece of green ribbon and a piece of red ribbon to write a few notes on.
The twig with rosehip can be attached to a gift, with a mini hook, who is in assorted colors with the twig.
Source: Free Enciclopedia - Otto Wilhelm Thome
 Daca folositi tutorialul meu in proiectele dvs.
 va rog sa specificati sursa tutorialului.
Va multumesc.
If you are using my tutorial in your projects,
please specify the source of the tutorial.
Thank you.


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