joi, 30 decembrie 2010

Photos: Such a Big Cat for Such a Small Tree.

Such a Big Cat for Such a Small Tree

Photo published on the website of news:
I present to you all my blog's photos with cats,
from all over the world.

Two cats from Samos, Greece.
Tomcat from Qawra, Malta.
"Cat" from Paris, France. 
Cat from Samos, Greece.
Cat from Sintra, Portugalia.
Cat from Bucharest, Romania.
"Cat" from Bucharest, Romania.
"Cat" from Sicilia, Italy.

"Cat" from Bruxelles, Belgium. 
 Tomcat named "Momo" from Bucharest, Romania.
 A kitten pulling a nap. From Bucharest, Romania.

Black Tomcat named "Mitica" from Bucharest, Romania.
Black Cat from Busteni, Romania.
Tomcat from Bucharest, Romania.

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Daca doriti sa adoptati o pisica vizitati urmatorul site.

If you want to adopt a cat, please visit this website.

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