luni, 25 iulie 2016

Pink Hydrangea from Paper

Pink Paper Hydrangea

Technical Specifications

For this project the following materials are required:
- cream-colored plain paper (from old magazines)
- pink plain paper (from old magazines)
- pink thread
- pink crepe paper
- paper glue
- beads of various shapes and colors, cream-colored, pink
- transparent nail polish
- white paperboard
- pink ribbon
- a mini ornament in heart shape
Generally, to make these kinds of flowers, we use waste from different materials.
For this project  the following tools are required:
- a normal puncher
- a "butterfly shaped" puncher
- scissors
- a metal ruler
- a needle
- a cutter
This paper flower project is made following this TUTORIAL.
 This project,
Paper Hydrangea,
will be entered in following Link Parties:

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