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TUTORIAL - Paper Hydrangea

Paper Hydrangea 
To build paper hydrangea flowers, the following materials are required:
- plain paper of various colors and / or paper from magazines
- wire 
- spool of thread of different colors
- crepe paper of different colors
- paper glue 
- beads of various shapes and colors
- ribbons of different patterns and colors
- transparent nail polish

To achieve the attached cardboard of hydrangea flowers, we need the following materials: 
- white paperboard 
- plain paper of various colors and / or paper from magazines 
- a colored ribbon 

Generally, to make these kinds of flowers, we use waste from different materials. 

To make the hydrangea flowers and the cardboards attached to them, we need the following tools:
- a "four leaf clover" shaped puncher
- a "butterfly" shaped puncher
- scissors
- a metal ruler
- a needle
For a hydrangea flower we need about 30 clover models, made with the puncher, of which we cut the stems off, thus obtaining the hydrangea flower models.
Then we cut 30 pieces of spool thread at around 10 cm each. 
We string on the thread, at half distance, one bead at a time, which we then sew at the middle of the paper flower pattern.
We then wrap each stem with crepe paper.
We coat them then with the transparent nail polish, so they become rigid.
For the three leaves we cut the three wires at around 8 cm length, which we then wrap with crepe paper. 
We add four squares of crepe paper at around 2 x 2 cm each, two on each side of the wire, which we stick together with paper glue and then we cut in a leaf shape.
We coat them with transparent nail polish, so that they become rigid.

The flowers are arranged in a bouquet, which is then wrapped several times with crepe paper.
We then add the three leaves and wrap it all up, till the end of the stem.
The bouquet is coated with transparent nail polish yet again, to increase the strength of the entire work.
We attach a paperboard of around 4 x 3 cm, bent in the middle, using a piece of colored ribbon. On the paperboard we stick a paper butterfly we made following this: TUTORIALUL "Spring Amulet for Romanian Celebration on 1 March 2015". 
These hydrangea flowers are around 8 cm in length.
They can be offered attached to gifts; they can be used as ornaments inside the house or in window shops, displayed on different occasions and festive dinners, or can simply be gifted as they are.
Hortensie (Hydrangea) din hartie
Pentru realizarea  florilor de hortensie din hartie sunt necesare urmatoarele materiale:
- hartie normala de diverse culori si/sau hartie de reviste
- sarma
- ata de papiota de diverse culori
- hartie creponata de diverse culori
- aracet
- margele de diverse forme si culori
- pamblica de diverse modele si culori
 In general, pentru realizarea acestor flori, se folosesc resturi de la diverse materiale. 
Pentru realizarea cartonasului atasat  florii de hortensie sunt necesare urmatoarele materiale: 
- hartie cartonata de culoare alba
- hartie normala de diverse culori si/sau hartie de reviste
- snur colorat

Pentru realizarea florilor de hortensie si a cartonaselor atasate sunt necesare urmatoarele unelte:
- perforator in forma de trifoi
- perforator in forma de fluture
- foarfeca 
- rigla metalica
- ac de cusut
Pentru o floare de hortensie sunt necesare aproximativ 30 de modele de trifoi, realizate cu perforatorul, carora li se taie codita si astfel se obtin modelele de floricele de hortensie.
Se taie apoi 30 de bucati de ata de papiota la aproximativ 10 cm lungime fiecare dintre ele. Se insira pe ata, la jumatate, cate o margica care apoi se coase la mijloc pe modelul de floricica din hartie. Se infasoara apoi cu hartie creponata fiecare codita de ata de la floricele. Se lacuiesc apoi cu oja transparenta pentru a deveni rigide.
Pentru cele trei frunze se taie trei sarme de aproximativ 8 cm lungime, care se infasoara cu hartie creponata.
Se adauga 4 patrate de hartie creponata de aproximativ (2 x 2) cm, cate doua de fiecare parte a sarmei care se lipesc cu aracet si apoi se taie in forma de frunza. Se lacuiesc apoi cu oja transparenta pentru a deveni rigide.
Floricelele se aranjeaza intr-un buchetel care se infasoara de cateva ori cu hartie creponata  si apoi se adauga si cele trei frunze si se infasoara pana la capat tot buchetelul.
Se lacuieste apoi din nou buchetelul cu lac de unghii transparent pentru sporirea rezistentei intregii lucrari.
Se ataseaza un cartonas de aproximativ (4 x 3) cm, indoit la mijloc, cu ajutorul unei bucati de pamblica.
Pe cartonas se lipeste un fluture din hartie realizat dupa:
TUTORIALUL "Spring Amulet for Romanian Celebration on 1 March 2015".
Aceste flori de hortensie au aproximativ 8 cm lungime.
Ele se pot darui atasate la un cadou, se pot folosi ca ornament in casa sau vitrine, la diverse ocazii si mese festive sau se pot darui ca atare.
  If you are using my tutorial in your projects,
please specify the source of the tutorial.
 Thank you.
Daca folositi tutorialul meu in proiectele dvs. 
 va rog sa specificati sursa tutorialului.
Va multumesc.

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TUTORIAL - Paper Hydrangea
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