vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012

Handmade Bouquet with Fir Cones

Buchet cu conuri de brad

Somewhere around the end of November, when the autumn  is running out and the winter  is almost comming, the two seasons blend one into each other for a few days and the time during freezes in this feeling of duality. 
This project want to present this strange feeling.
Undeva, pe la sfarsitul lunii noiembrie, cand toamna se stinge si iarna abia incepe sa se simta, cele doua anotimpuri parca se imbina unul intr-altul si pentru cateva zile timpul parca incremeneste in acest sentiment de dualitate.
Aceasta lucrare handmade, cu frunze uscate si conuri de brad, doreste sa reprezinte sentimentul de dualitate, imbinarea toamnei care se sfarseste cu iarna care abia incepe.

Handmade Bouquet with Fir Cones.
Autumn Landscape somewhere of Prahova Valley.
Peisaj de toamna undeva pe Valea Prahovei.
I want to present this project
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 Another handmade Bouquet with Fir Cones.

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  1. Very Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. You put that beautifully, and your project to go with your poetic words is gorgeous too. Keep smiling and creating. Thanks so much for popping by.