luni, 5 martie 2018

Spring Amulet

Martisoare, martisoare...

Martisoare din margele de nisip cu model specific romanesc.

Specificatii tehnice lucrare

Materiale necesare
- margele de nisip de tip 2 mm de culoare alba si rosie
- fir transparent tip naylon (guta) de 0.25 cm pentru cusut margele
- cartonas alb
- snur specific de martisor
- zale de prindere

Unelte necesare
- ac special pentru cusut margele nr.12 scurt
- foarfeca
- cleste
Aceste martisoare le voi darui cu ocazia zilei de 1 Martie.
Si cerceii din margele pot fi daruiti ca martisor de 1 Martie.

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 "Martisor" (Spring Amulet) is a traditional celebration of the beginning of spring.
  "Martisor" is made from a white and a red string from which a small decoration is tied and is offered to women on 1st March. It is a little symbol of spring. 
 Women usually wear it pinned to their clothes for first 12 days of March. After the 12 days the string binds on a tree branch.
 It is believed that those who symbolic wear it will be strong and healthy for the year to come. Is an old tradition in Romania, in the Republic of Moldova and all territories inhabited by Romanians.

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