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Made for ... Halloween - Part 1

Handmade for Halloween
Part 1
Decorations for Halloween - Bats
Inspiration from:
"Spider and cobweb stencils for cakes, spooky paper bats,
and more fun and easy halloween craft templates",
all you can find here:
 Invitations to a Halloween Party.
Specificatii tehnice lucrare:
Materiale necesare realizarii lucrarii:
- hartie autocolanta neagra
- hartie cartonata in diferite nuante de maro
- hartie creponata de culoare maro
- aracet
- scobitori
- betisoare de lemn
- snururi de diferite culori
- margele de diferite culori si marimi

Unelte necesare realizarii lucrarii:
- cutter
- foarfeca

Invitation to a Halloween Party.
And because it is time for Halloween - see these two photos with cute black cats!
Nature Reserve "Olt River Gorge"
Autumn - Danube Boilers.
  Autumn Decorations - Chestnut.
 Autumn - Danube Boilers.
 Nature Reserve "Olt River Gorge".
 Autumn flowers.
Preparation for winter.
A saved pumpkin from... Halloween.

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