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Quilling 3d - Blooming Branch with Apple Flowers

Quilling 3d
crenguta de mar inflorita

 Technical Specifications
The petals of the pink flowers are made by quilling method.
The strains are made from wire twisted with crepe paper.
The petals are ruled on the quilling special tool and then they are put in a same shape to have the same size and then are glued.

Stick one petal once and after sticked all of them.
The leafs are made by green crepe paper.
The project "Quilling 3d - Blooming Branch with Apple Flowers" are about 15 centimeters in lenght.

Required materials:
- special white and red paper for quilling
- wire
- green crepe paper
- yellow crepe paper
- paper glue
Required tools:
- scissor
- a special tool for quilling

Specificatii tehnice lucrare
Lungime buchet: aproximativ 15 cm.

Materiale necesare: 
- hartie speciala pentru quilling de culoare alba si rosie
- sarma
- hartie creponata de culoare verde
- hartie creponata de culoare galbena
- aracet 

Unelte necesare: 
- foarfeca
- unealta speciala pentru quilling

For 1st of March, amulets with Blooming Branch with Apple Flowers,
made from polymer paste.

I want to present my project,
Quilling 3d - Blooming Branch with Apple Flowers,
on following Link Parties:



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