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Quilling Cards with Spring Flowers Part 3

Quilling Cards with Spring Flowers for Celebration on March 1
Felicitari quilling de Martisor
 Part 3

Quilling card for celebration of spring on March 1, 
with snowdrops and crocuses.
Card dimensions: (14 x 10,5) cm
 “Martisor” is a traditional celebration of the beginning of spring, on March 1.
 The name means “Little March” in Romanian.
   “Martisor” is made from red and white string
from which a small decoration is tied and is offered to people on March 1.
Quilling card for celebration of spring on March 1, 
with spring tree flowers.
Card dimensions: (14 x 10,5) cm
It is believed that those who wear it will be strong and healthy
for the year to come and is also a symbol of spring.
It is an old tradition in Romania, the Republic of Moldova
and all territories inhabited by Romanians. Bulgarians have an almost similar custom.
I want to present my
Quilling Card with Spring Flowers for Celebration on March 1

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