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Quilling Card: Blooming Branch with White Flowers - Part 2

Felicitari quilling cu crenguta de pom inflorita

Part 2
Cu aceasta felicitare,
am castigat concursul
"Proiectul Martisor"
organizat de comunitatea romanilor din Italia in anul 2013.

With this Quilling Card,
Blooming Branch with White Flowers
I won the contest
"Proiectul Martisor",
organised by the romanian community from Italy,

in year 2013.

Martisor” it is a Romanian traditional celebration of the beginning of spring, on March 1.
The name means “Little March” in Romanian language.  “Martisor” is made from white and red stringfrom which a small decoration is tied and is offered to people on March 1.
Women usually wear it pinned to their clothes for the first 12 days of the month.
After the 12 days, the string binds on a tree branch.
It is believed that those who wear it will be strong and healthy for the year to come and is also a symbol of spring.
It is an old tradition in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and all territories inhabited by Romanians. Bulgarians have an almost similar custom.
Technical Specifications:
 Cards dimensions : (14 x 10,5) cm
These two quilling cards have
a special page
on the site:
Spring in Bucharest, Romania - 04.2011
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